Monday, December 13, 2010

Did I hear “Santa Baby”?

No, but I did hear, Santa is on Etsy.  Now I can’t get that song out of my head. Anyways, Paula now has an Etsy shop. In order to get a feel for how her new Etsy shop works and to join in on the holiday festivities, Paula has made some fun handmade pins. The pins feature one of her favorite characters, Santa Claus. Go check these jolly fellows out. Whenever she takes these little guys to the local Art Center or the annual Christmas Boutique, they sell out quickly.

As soon as we some general shop policies established, her available art dolls will make an appearance too. So stay tuned, for a quicker and easier way to purchase Paula’s dolls.

Also, Paula is currently working on the finishing touches of an all new Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus doll duo. I got a sneak peak over Thanksgiving and can’t wait to see the final results.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White and Gray with great big ears!

Well I suppose, this should be about my dolls but oh well. I went out to feed our creatures yesterday about 10 am. and met a pretty little gray and white donkey down by our lamas. It actually isn't the first time I've seen her. During this last year I've seen her down by a creek on my way to the highway two times. I always stop and ask her how shes been doing while giving a once over with my eyes to see how shes faring. She looked good yesterday and I knew I was asking for it when I lured her into a pen with a nice loaf of alfalfa hay and a handful of wet cob. That evening I decided to let her out so she could be on her way knowing we would be seeing her again.

This morning there she was, greeting me with a squeaky bray! So she is now back in the pen for a little while. I think she should be called Macy. Oh-Oh- shouldn't be thinking of names. We can't be buying more hay for another creature. My husband, Don just smiles at me. We both
know the story of the donkeys. We may hopefully find a home where some of her relatives went about a year ago. So maybe they will have room for one more.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Halloween Magic…

 "Elven Granny" is 22” tall, including the base. Her head, hands, and feet are made with cernit polymer clay. Her feet are wearing handmade boots of purple leather adorned with Swarovski crystals. Her evening gown is made from a beautiful glittering silver metallic fabric that changes colors of blue and violet and is fun in different lighting.
Her necklace and earrings are redesigned from a vintage carnival colored glass rhinestone necklace. Paula says: “I really enjoy going thru my vintage costume jewelry. When I happen upon a piece which I had forgotten about it’s really exciting, especially when it adds that special finishing touch.”

Gran’s Calla Lily staff is really just a pretty hearing aide.
Her rose mauve colored hair is sheep’s wool purchased at a fiber show, The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon. This is another great story; Paula will tell you more about it sometime. She said she wishes she had bought about two pounds of that pretty wool!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bird Boy & Wendy Froud Workshop

Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, and I at the Petaluma Art Center.

On July 16 - 18 2010, I went to Petaluma for Wendy Froud’s Creature Workshop where I created my Bird Boy doll.

He is 12” tall, feathers, fur and all. All materials provided by the Frouds. An interesting note is that some of the fur from the workshop was from the movie: "Where the Wild Things Are".

Meeting the whole Froud family and the other fellow doll artists was an incredable experience. Here is a group photo with our completed dolls.

Message from the Ancients

This Eleven doll is 18” without her base and with the base she is 23.” Her head, hands and feet are made of translucent cernit polymer clay. She has glass blue eyes. Her handmade costume is made with pure silk. A linen vintage ladies hand scarf is stitched with delicate flowers and leaves is redesigned to make the blouse and skirt inserts.

Beige Celestial Crystals hang from her waist. Redesigned vintage jewelry adorns her waist and forehead crown. She is wearing white leather sandals with silk bows and Swarovski crystals. Her hair is from one of my angora goats whose name is “Cotton".

Her message is timeless : “Love is forever.”

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Looking for "April"

"April" is Paula's first 2010 doll completed in late February and has a fitting April release.

It's this time of year when everything around us is shades of gray and we are really looking forward to Spring. Green is one of my favorite colors. This Green eyed elf doll made from prosculpt stands approximately 14" and 16" on her base. She has a cloth body over a wire armature. Her hair is baby angora fiber which shines of various colors of sparkling blonde and browns. Her hand made green dress is trimmed with tiny glass green beads. She also has lace bloomers and a lime green slip. Her white slippers are handmade and adorned with roses , glass beads and crystals. The base she stands on is made from magic sculpt over wood with various sizes and colors of glass droplets and beads. 

"April" is now available for purchase, please contact us with inquiries here.

Friday, April 2, 2010