Saturday, January 15, 2011

New doll

This is a new doll for Jan. 2011. She is almost done now but I have to add the accessories which I love to do. I'm also working on several options for her companion. Finishing the base comes after the dolls are done so I know what color scheme to use. Turquoise faux fair was used for her hair. Her outfit is all leather which really makes my fingers sore-I sew by hand, so I finally went shopping at one of my favorite stores in Klamath Falls, Oregon and bought needles and a thimble.
Jo Ann Fabrics is the place! I can not leave the store without more fabric and Christmas sale goodies. My husband says why don't you become a online supplier? Yes, I know, he keeps building shelves and cabinets for me. Our son says; mom, you won't live long enough to use all that stuff. Confession; Yes, I know I'm a hoarder-pack rat, but I enjoy every minute of it! When I die all of it is going to your sister !! Wait til she reads this. Ha! Well back to the subject. I will put up photos of my sketch, armature etc. for the companion creature or doll in the next few days. Its getting late and time to feed the creatures and then off to my studio.

Beyond Freezing!!!!!!

Getting up in the morning here is so hard this time of year. I look out the windows and crawl back into bed but can't sleep anymore so I get up and head to the kitchen to fix a hot cup of tea. The only thing I have to say is that it is absolutely beautiful! I don't know how our creatures can live out there. They do not come out of their little sheds and huts until they hear us open the door. Then all caos breaks loose seeing who can be the loudest. Theres 3 " to 4 " of ice to break in the tubs that don't have heaters. They don't make gloves warm enough, I've spent a small fortune trying to find a pair that is. The whole time I'm feeding all the goats, lamas, and now a donkey I'm thinking; I'm going to move to where its warmer, lets sell this place, lets sell the animals. Well, I've been saying this for over 30 years! Well, I guess I have to focus on the good things. Like clear air, space, family, good friends, a warm home, good food, good health, new goat babies coming soon and its beautiful even if its below O. (P.S. don't look for correct spelling or grammar here. My major was art not english! Ha!)