Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snog with Dinner

With this little guy's nose I figured Snog was a good name and of course fish is his dinner. and I was welcome to join him at 10 am. At least his hands and clothes are clean and he said he would roast it over an apple wood fire.  I think I will go, he said it would be cooked in our backyard by the jade rock pile and all I needed was a couple of toothpicks. Its 7:13 am now so I have time to get dressed, fix my hair, wash my face and finish baking that loaf of bread I started last night. It sounds like a very light breakfast so when the bread is done baking I'll take a large buttered piece and some pickled red apples, or maybe some garden tomatoes diced with spices or both. Yum, talk to you later?

 Snog is approx: 10" with wood base. Fish is about 1 bite.  He has a wire armature and cloth body. Lime green fleece covers his body. Recycled and new leather makes his boots, cuffs and hat. Buttons, feathers, and small charms decorate his outfit.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Here it is September and I'm still trying to get 4 dolls done that I started before last spring. We have a new grandson (Evan Ukiah) so spending more time with my kids in Redding Ca than home this summer was sure worth my time. Its always fun to be with grand children especially in their big back yard where magic happens. Big juicy red tomatoes, yellow and green squash, and cucumbers appear overnight. We ate allot of cucumber tomato salads. I made fresh tomato sauce and we put it in the freezer while holding some back for spaghetti. Yum what a big difference. Wish we had time to make a few gallons of it. Ha! Check out the 2 photos. My little studio is a mess as it usually is especially when picking out the fabrics for the dolls. You can see our dog thou the window (barely) her name is Biskit. She guards the property keeping the coyotes out as well as the dogs that come around.  Hopefully I can get the dolls done soon. We are doing major gardening outside as well and we have to hurry it is really getting cold in the mornings. Its already 7:30 am so I better get all the creatures fed and us too.