Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Devil and final photos of Princess in Boots and Elvin doll

Took myself and my computer plus Christmas presents to Redding to see our kids. Weather is so much nicer, plus they have citrus trees which almost all the fruit froze except for tangerines and lemons. Myer lemons is a favorite so I brought a few home and froze the juice. Yum! Lemon Bars coming soon! Oh, and my computer is fixed now. Then I had to come home to snow, ice and cold, cold, cold and more cold.

New photos of Elvin and Princess doll are posted plus photos of  a not quite done little old devil.
Yes its Christmas time and I make a devil. Oh well at least he is wearing red. So much for this post I'm going to make a spiced rum hot toddy for my husband and I and watch probably something stupid on Netflix. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Elven Court, Lace and Boots.

Dec. 3, 2013 where has the year gone? I feel like I'm behind all the time. My husband says; you don't need a schedule you are retired just rest. Well I just can't seem to do that except when I'm not feeling well. Lets look at this way, I'm now 66 and feeling lucky to have lived this long and at this age you don't know really how long you've got. So-o-o-o-! I want to do all I can get done while I still can. Okay enough of that. I'm posting a couple of photos showing the progress on the two dolls. The little elf is done and the larger doll is in progress. I will be putting her hair up but first her hair will need some trimming, wash, conditioner and put in rollers. Which means lots of little tooth picks. It seems odd to do it at this stage when her dress is almost done but it tells me what style the hair should be. Her body will be covered with saran wrap and tape so nothing but the hair will get wet. She will get a crown  when her hair is done. Then the base will be painted. She has boots too, Ha! under a lace dress. that's so she can jump on her horse after the photo shoot and race into the wild yonder! No, they are not western just white boots with a touch of pale blue. A prince might like them. Hmm-m-m.  The little elf is about to enter the Elvin court for the first time, she believes she is dressed appropriately she will soon know, suspense has been building for several days now. We may let you know or not.  Well, its getting dark and the chickens are probably on the roost so I better lock them in and start dinner. Its just to bad I can't snap my fingers and dinner would be on the table.  Hopefully, this last doll will be finished before Christmas so I can soon get into the clay again.  I never know how to end these little blogs so here -EAT COOKIES!!!!!!