Monday, January 7, 2013

January 2013 Dolls in PJs?

Wow, its been 2 months since I posted. It is  the Holidays fault this time especially since my decision was to decorate a little this year. Now its time to take it all down and with so much snow outside I don't wish to go out to the shed to get storage tubs. Maybe I will wait until Valentines day but there may be even more snow by then. Oh well, excuses, excuses. I have been busy working on many little heads and just recently have them ready for their little clothes. They all look like they are in PJs. This is another fun part. I painted faces on all but one (Marmot husband or boyfriend) so it may show me a little more of their personality helping me to choose their costumes.  Can't wait to get started but guess the dishes need to be done so we can have lunch. It would be so nice if we didn't have to eat, theres just to much work involved just to eat, and eat again and again. It would be nice to just work on dolls and nothing else. Its almost noon (skip lunch) so I better get over to my little room and get started. Happy New Year everyone!