Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dolls and More Dolls in my Head!

Finally some time to work on dolls! Sometimes I wonder if this is such a good thing because it is in my head all the time. Especially when I'm doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, etc, etc. I'm really sick of cooking and doing the dishes but unfortunately I like to eat.  I will have to admit that I don't clean that often anymore only when I know someone is coming. So what! This is supposed to be retirement. Ha! I don't know how we had time to hold down a job. Retirement only means you now have time to clean  up all the mess that built up which we couldn't get to  during the time you have a job. Well, I've always had doll making, painting, drawing ideas in my head. I just have to get all those ideas on paper. Which I'm really trying very hard to do. Unfortunately now I need to gather up all those papers and various notebooks  and take time to put it all in just one. One good thing right now is I am enjoying a cup of hot tea and a couple or more pieces of a chocolate bar. Yum! One of my head ideas the last two weeks was  to make a smiling blue eyed and probably a princess doll. I just finished baking her head and a little brown elf head about 3 days ago. Today I cut up a bunch of cotton batting strips and formed their bodies. I use super glue to dot here and there as needed to help keep the layers in place. Then I will use some solid colored fleece for their bodies or some flesh colored tight woven knit fabric. Getting the bases and tubes for legs, feet and shoes is always nice to get done so the doll stands for you like a little dress form. For me it makes it easier to move them around to measure and hold various fabrics to see what I like best. I've actually got ahead of myself and did the body in batting first and now this week I will be working on hands, arms, feet, legs, shoes. That is unless my husband decides we need to get more fire wood. Oh well I love the forest. I will just get more dolls and ideas in my head for later. Wow, its getting dark I need to gather the eggs and lock up the chickens. (After I finish the tea and chocolate!)