Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

Well finally a beautiful warm day with blue skys and sunshine. All but one of the angora does has had their babies. We have a white doeling, a black doeling and 3 black bucklings. Today I sheared the last two does and have two bucks yet to do and I will be done for awhile. I take that back. I have to tag and vacinate the babies and trim a few feet and maybe soon I can get back to doll making. The weather has been awful as usual for a Modoc spring. Wind, rain, hail, snow and more wind and all that wonderful mud and cold. So today I spent time outside taking a few photos and playing with the new goat kids. Even with the cold weather I guess the chickens know its spring because they are all laying. The deer have been here almost every morning eating up the new spring grass. Wow, its still nice outside and its 6pm, so guess I better get that last to kid doe in the shed and get some dinner started. I think I would really just like to go to bed right now but have to much to do yet. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the photos.