Saturday, September 7, 2013

Knee deep in Sunshine, Water, Dirt and Hard Labor.

Well, I've set a record for myself, no blogging for 3 1/2 mo. I really needed to be outside this summer and that's just what I did. We planted a big garden. We don't have a rototiller so the shovel gave me a great workout. Summer is very short here and I have always felt like we lived like squirrels.  We start out on a run getting the ground ready, planting and then a harvest (hopefully with no freezing) and last; canning, freezing and drying. We also need wood to burn and this year so we are going to the forest (all of about 5 miles) to cut our own wood. Then there's always the property maintenance which is never ending. My 2 goats helped out a lot with weeds until the trees started tasting better, so they had to go back to their pen and only out when tied on a long rope. I have enjoyed every minute of it, well except for the aches and pains. Winter is coming, it is beautiful but with mostly dark cloudy days most of the time it is depressing. I have to work really work at not becoming depressed which will happen no matter what I do so this year as my lovely daughter suggests; that I can get a light (for depression) over my work table which should help a lot. I hope so because each year is getting worse.  Well enough of that.  I have lots of plans for doll making this winter which should keep me really busy. After I've caught up  with some canning and I don't have to water and weed etc. I will be able to sit down and focus for longer periods of time." Looking forward to it". I have been taking a class from Joey Mcphale on A for Artistic; How to Make a BJD.  I have made  a diagram and armature but with all that's going on I will probably not be able to make the doll until later this winter. A great class ! I will add some photos and may I can get back to blogging more often.