Sunday, March 18, 2012

First new baby here!

Wow, I barely got thru blogging and heard the commotion in the shed. (My husband set up cameras and microphones out there last week.) Zuri had her first baby, a healthy blue eyed white doeling. As many that have been born here it is still exciting. Mother and baby doing very well. So I had to hurry and get this posted and then go out and check the heat lamp etc. Tomarrow Zuri can have her wormer. She ate down her wet cob in a hurry, after all that work I'm sure it tasted really good.

Color Angora Goats

Soon it will be baby time. My color angora goats are due any minute (I wish), which could be a week longer since my calendar dates don't seem to matter. Two weeks ago they received their shots all but wormer which I don't like to give until after delivery. Thank goodness there is only 5 does. I've been cutting the size of my goats down every year. I may be selling them when the babies are a little older. One nice red buck sold last fall and I only have twin black bucks presently. I really love them but I want to put all my time into my doll making. Its tuff work especially when snow is knee deep and its below zero and we have been doing it for most of my life with all kinds of animals. My health has been better this winter which I'm very grateful for. I was relieved of some major stress last year. It is so unreal what stress can do to you. I have been lucky to enjoy my goats for allot of years and I have my husband to thank for it. I will be posting new babe photos before long I hope!