Monday, November 26, 2012

Two dolls into Doll Collector Magazine

I just received my January 2012 magazine and saw my Mr. and Mrs Santa with all their goodies in the Holiday Magic section and after going further Canival Girl and Dino can be seen in the gallery section. So nice, Thank You doll Collector Magazine!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Through the Windows II"

Before bedtime I wanted to post the deer which didn't make it in the earlier post. So here they are.

(I sculpted two small heads and part of another today. I will try to post later on them)

"Looking Through The Windows"

We woke up to more snow this morning. It was really needed but I'm not one to run out and play anymore. When the kids were home it was all about sledding, snow ball fights, snowmen, snow ice cream and building a snow house. Now that we are retired I don't venture out until almost noon. Its so nice to get up, fix a cup of hot tea or coffee and just look through the windows. We have  several does and older fawns here everyday. Some nice bucks too! A little two point, one large two point and yesterday a nice sized 3 point so I'm wondering what may come by the windows today.

I'm posting two dolls I finally finished. One in black and one in pink. The little princess in pink floral had her eyes repainted in acrylic paint and I am happier with the result. She is 10" with stand and has a cloth body over a wire armature.  AB swarovski rhinestones make up her buttons, crown, stand and staff.  "Love that sparkle!" I should have been a fish! I joined the international art doll registry some time ago and followed Deb Woods tutorial for making a crystal crown for this little doll.  My 16" doll  has a Gothic - vampire thing going on which is what I wanted. The egg is just to wonder about - what could hatch from it? Hmm m m m. She is wearing a crown from my own design. It has black and red Swarovski rhinestones plus there are red rhinestones on the dress. Her black top was made from recycled black velvet-(actually a tank top my daughter wore in High school-that's been along time ago-I am a true pack rat)

Getting her tiny teeny little seed bead necklace and ring on her was a pain in the... you know where. I really want more than ten fingers in my next life. How about at least seven on each hand and one or two of them has to be longer and pointy and one with a small suction cup.  The black layered ruffled material was a recent purchase from JoAnn Fabrics. Fabric shops are a curse for me. My husband asks every time I come home from a two hour drive from Klamath Falls, Oregon what kind of fabric did you get this time? Head thought; I do every time for over 40 years. Answer; yes I did, just a small piece of fleece to make body covers. Head thought; hmmmm.  Back to the doll. I was going to make a short skirt but ended up with a long one thus covering up all the work I did on her boots but a photo of them is posted. She has a cloth body over a wire armature. Mixed polymer clay is used for hands, chest, shoes, legs for both dolls.  Both dolls have mohair from my angora goats. Well, I have started some new heads so guess I should get over to my little studio and get busy or maybe I'll have another cup of tea and look through the windows for awhile. Best Wishes to you all!