Friday, January 10, 2014

The Devil and Granny

Finally, a space of time to write a little. I finished the Devil and  photo is posted. Really wanted to make a  Santa Claus before Christmas but he can be made later. Finished a little Granny doll and a silly Persian cat to go with her plus a cake. The cake was fun. I've not made frosting before but the Liquid polymer mixed with clay and a little color clay worked well. Just mix with your finger. I definitely have to make a fiber felted cat next time, it would be much easier and more realistic than gluing fiber on.  I need practice on the little creatures but something interesting was the difference between the Persian skull and average cat skull. The anatomy helped a lot , thanks to Google images for some good copies to keep in my files. No matter how old you are you keep on learning-hopefully that stays true for me for a long time.

Posted the progress on another new doll which is going to be an Elf. What else is new?  I really need to make a new challenge for myself.  Its really easy to keep doing similar dolls but the changes in heads and poses is always fun. There are a lot of things in my head but can't decide which one to do first.  Maybe an Elf eating dragon. Ha! We shall see. Well its time to feed the dog, cats, goats and llamas, my husband and self. I wish we didn't have to eat sometimes. You could save a lot of money and time. Oh well. Best Wishes Everyone!