Tuesday, November 30, 2010

White and Gray with great big ears!

Well I suppose, this should be about my dolls but oh well. I went out to feed our creatures yesterday about 10 am. and met a pretty little gray and white donkey down by our lamas. It actually isn't the first time I've seen her. During this last year I've seen her down by a creek on my way to the highway two times. I always stop and ask her how shes been doing while giving a once over with my eyes to see how shes faring. She looked good yesterday and I knew I was asking for it when I lured her into a pen with a nice loaf of alfalfa hay and a handful of wet cob. That evening I decided to let her out so she could be on her way knowing we would be seeing her again.

This morning there she was, greeting me with a squeaky bray! So she is now back in the pen for a little while. I think she should be called Macy. Oh-Oh- shouldn't be thinking of names. We can't be buying more hay for another creature. My husband, Don just smiles at me. We both
know the story of the donkeys. We may hopefully find a home where some of her relatives went about a year ago. So maybe they will have room for one more.