Saturday, January 28, 2012

Candle Lantern

It took almost the whole day but its done. Today the food processor and the pasta machine was used." Only for clay." I mixed up cernit, quik mix and a touch of Vaseline. With that I used the pasta machine on the thickest set to roll out the clay. Then I made little rectangle like window frames and baked them in my oven. Then went thru the process of putting them together with more clay and liquid polymer.

I love my oven. I have bought about 3 over the last 4 years. When I took the class with Wendy Froud, they had a couple of these; Hamilton Beach convection ovens. I ordered mine thru Amazon. I love it! The convection part is the best. Had to mention that and share a picture because the temperature stays even and I've had no burning. Here are photos showing the final baking and the finished piece. I used swarovski crystals for the handle. The whole day went far to fast. Guess I better fix something for dinner now. Have a good evening.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Hare

Well the week is done. The little hare is done I think. I just noticed I forgot his whiskers. That won't take long. He is 6" tall dressed in vintage orange leather. I used a wood burner for the first time. Besides stinking its going to be fun and provide some interesting designs.

 Its good to be done with this last group, there is a bunch of new sculpting projects I want to start. The best part of winter is having more time to make dolls. Summer is just crazy. Although my angora does are not making bags for milk yet, so it seems they missed the first two months that I hoped they would breed. Its time for vaccinations and hoof trimming-glad there is only 11 goats out there. Late babies- busy spring.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jack Rabbit

Its Monday, I was able to get alot of doll work done at the first of the month but only to lose about 2 weeks with the flu or something. We have about 4 " of snow which we needed very much. I'm posting a rabbit today he will be a companion piece.

He needs to have a paint job and then costuming but thought it would be fun to put up a couple of photos like he is now. Then if nothing happens to take my time I will post a photo when he is done. This is my first rabbit. Fun!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Elves with Tails and more.

Thought I would put a few more dolls up that just have a couple of details to finish them off. You can compare them to the heads in the photos below. Its a fun trip from one sculpted head to the finish. The head can fill your mind with lots of stories but during the progress to the body, hands, feet, hair, makeup, and costume my mind goes into a thousand more stories. Each doll created brings to mind a thousand more dolls to create. I need to get outside to let my mind and body recharge. Feeding our goats, lamas, cats, dogs and chickens just is'nt enough exercise. My husband and I got each other a fishing license for Christmas. Don is suggesting a little fishing trip today. So as I'm writing this I think I better take him up on it. Its cold but no snow. Actually we have not had snow since Nov. I Actually like no snow but this spring and summer will be really dry. Hope your day is warmer than ours!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Silly Sally and Goggles

Wow! Its Jan 2, 2012 and so far the earth has not flipped over. Not yet anyway. I'm posting another doll from the group. See if you can find her bald head and body in the photos below. It took all of one day to make her little dress, more practice is in order for sure but it will happen eventually. She also has matching pantaloons. Her hair is white angora or mohair which was washed, rinsed and conditioned. I have always wanted 12 pointed fingers. Rolling all the mohair on little cut pieces of tooth picks is not the most fun I've ever had but it curled. Yeah! The making of Goggles was a new challenge. First, fitting a armature wire around the doll's shoulders and making sure it would slide off and on easily went well. The part that was a little harder was smoothing out the clay evenly over the taped armature wire. A little liquid polymer clay over the wire made everything easier. I like Goggles he and Sally may need friends in the future. Thanks and have great evening.