Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Garden

Gardening, so much work! Nothing is ready to eat yet. I take that back. We have eaten onions, radishes, collard greens and swiss chard. Zucchini and crookneck are my favorites but they are just getting started. In Modoc with our late spring again, a cooler summer, fall is soon approaching. The pumpkins and winter squash are not going to make it unless we have a nice warm long fall. That doesn't happen to often. My blackberry vines are loaded. Yum! Blackberry juice, jelly, cobblers, syrup, and pie-oh my! So much for my diet. What diet? I love watching things grow. Next year I want to plant more flowers. Its so nice to have fresh cut flowers in the house. They are a natural happy high. I guess most of the work is in the spring and minor weed pulling thru the season. I need the exercise and fresh air. It also helps me stay motivated and refreshed when I go back in to work on my dolls.

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