Monday, January 2, 2012

Silly Sally and Goggles

Wow! Its Jan 2, 2012 and so far the earth has not flipped over. Not yet anyway. I'm posting another doll from the group. See if you can find her bald head and body in the photos below. It took all of one day to make her little dress, more practice is in order for sure but it will happen eventually. She also has matching pantaloons. Her hair is white angora or mohair which was washed, rinsed and conditioned. I have always wanted 12 pointed fingers. Rolling all the mohair on little cut pieces of tooth picks is not the most fun I've ever had but it curled. Yeah! The making of Goggles was a new challenge. First, fitting a armature wire around the doll's shoulders and making sure it would slide off and on easily went well. The part that was a little harder was smoothing out the clay evenly over the taped armature wire. A little liquid polymer clay over the wire made everything easier. I like Goggles he and Sally may need friends in the future. Thanks and have great evening.

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