Monday, February 20, 2012

Biking to Shasta Dam

I went to Redding for a week so my daughter could work on the website she created for me and put my dolls up on Etsy. I in turn watched our granddaughter Vivian. Nice exchange! My son in law Sean treated me to a bike ride to Shasta Dam the following weekend. The emerald green water of the Sacramento river with lots of ducks on it was to our right side. To the left of us was lots of manzanita, rocks, gulley's and a few streams. We were so focused on seeing the Dam that we almost missed a beautiful bush covered in yellow blooms. About half way was a curving tunnel which just added more fun to the trip. The bike ride was about 17 1/2 miles total. I thought I would not make it back but I did along with toe and leg cramps. Sean is so patient with me because every now and then when it gets to steep I have to walk while he still pedals right along with me. I need to get in shape but when its 30 degrees or less with snow here at home jogging in place while in the house is no fun. Shouldn't have made that double batch of chocolate chip cookies either. Ha! just can't leave them alone. Our spring will hopefully be here by June but my husband and I are planning a few more trips south for fishing, visiting, biking, visiting and more visiting.

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