Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Snow, Typical for Modoc and News

Its been cold with rain and snow. A little snow ball bush in full bloom was already leaning and with the morning snow its on the ground. I'm posting a couple of photos this morning so you can see what the weather is like this last week. Sometimes we will even get snow in July. Well, so much for the weather, its always a mess. Thought since I have not been able to get to my blog in some time I would update whats been going on but only briefly. There has been no time for doll making. Three dolls are waiting for their feet, stands, costuming etc but they will have to wait awhile longer. My mother went into the nursing home which has been emotionally draining in itself let alone dealing with family and about 3 weeks of paperwork and driving back and forth into town. We are now cleaning out the house. My mother was a heavy smoker so its been a full day to day job to clean. My time is also running short because I've been going to Redding to help my daughter with our granddaughter while she is pregnant with our grandson who will be here about the 29th. We are all so excited and I do enjoy going down there to help. At some point we have to have our other granddaughter up to visit because we have not seen her in awhile and greatly miss her and her mom and our son. Kids grow up to fast especially when they are grand children.  Maybe I will get some time soon to post photos of the upcoming dolling but then again it may be around the middle of July. Best Wishes!

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