Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snog with Dinner

With this little guy's nose I figured Snog was a good name and of course fish is his dinner. and I was welcome to join him at 10 am. At least his hands and clothes are clean and he said he would roast it over an apple wood fire.  I think I will go, he said it would be cooked in our backyard by the jade rock pile and all I needed was a couple of toothpicks. Its 7:13 am now so I have time to get dressed, fix my hair, wash my face and finish baking that loaf of bread I started last night. It sounds like a very light breakfast so when the bread is done baking I'll take a large buttered piece and some pickled red apples, or maybe some garden tomatoes diced with spices or both. Yum, talk to you later?

 Snog is approx: 10" with wood base. Fish is about 1 bite.  He has a wire armature and cloth body. Lime green fleece covers his body. Recycled and new leather makes his boots, cuffs and hat. Buttons, feathers, and small charms decorate his outfit.

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