Monday, March 18, 2013

March Dolls

Again, time has gone to fast  but I finished up all but three dolls.  All of these dolls have a polymer mix of Cernit, quick mix, Kato and Fimo which makes a very strong clay with a touch of flexibility which is used for their heads, hands and feet. All have a wire armature, cotton body wraps to make the form and then covered with fleece, stretch knit or a thin sock. The paint I use is acrylic and genesis heat paint. I love using pigskin  leather and burning designs into it with a wood burner which I did with some of their clothes. Another technique learned in the class I took from Wendy Froud. ( I hope to take another class from her someday.) The Froud family is beyond inspirational!. I could go on forever about them! but I would have to write a book.  Back to the dolls.
I looked at alot of porcupines and marmots and came up with this pair in red leather and I found a heart shaped basket and repainted it for them to put all their goodies into it for their picnic. By the way the lady is pregnant. Faux fur was used for their big fuzzy tails and hair. The male is 7 1/2" and the female is 61/2".

The Butterly Fly Elf has buffalo hair. All of his butterflies are hand made and I realize he is missing one from top of his head so I will have to make another one. His net is cheese cloth attached to a wire ring and attached to a wooden skewer. Polymer clay covered the wire where it was attached to the skewer and then painted. He is 9 1/2" including his base.

The little elf sitting is 4''. His hair and beard is white angora fiber. (mohair).
Elf with a tail dressed in pink is approx. 6". Her staff has a charm and swarovski pink crystal.

Elf with tail dressed in greens carries a rose of Sharon seed pod with a tiny swarovski crystal. She wears a enameled metal acorn pin at her waist. Small gold trinkets are on her boots and back of her coat.  She has angora fiber hair.

9 1/2" Male elf has llama fiber hair. A Gold spider on gold colored wire is worn as his belt. He Carries a wood staff painted black with a small charm and swarovski crystal.
5 1/4"  Tall is the " Forest Fool"  tailed elf dressed in purple and red.
5" tailed Forest Creature wearing 3 tiny striped bead necklace. May his tiny blacked tipped fingers never touch you!
6 1/4" tailed elf with crocheted hat, neck scarf and and stick flag. She has faux fur hair.
Sitting on a tree trunk is a mad little girl with her broken pink flowered kite. She has dyed angora fiber hair. The tree trunk is polymer clay. The mushrooms were picked from my backyard and dehydrated then coated with liquid polymer and touched up with genesis heat paint. I am so lucky, we have 2 two fairy rings in our backyard and several varieties of mushrooms! A pro gardner would say: Oh no! This little girl is inspired by my kids when they were little and all of us out in the wind trying to get  them high and higher and higher! We had our share of broken ones and sad or angry faces.

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