Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dino Drawing and Armature.

Time moves so quickly. I meant to have my drawing of the dino companion up by now. So here is a couple of photos of the drawing and the armature. I actually have the doll done now and I named the whole mini display; "Carnival." I will get it posted after I get some photos. You will be able to see how much I changed my dino from a scientific look to a happy friendlly little blue guy. I went to my daughters house in San Jose for a week to visit. It was like summer compared to Modoc. We had a great visit. Sharina taught me some techniques making wire wrapped jewelry so I can make some fancy new crowns for my dolls. I was also treated to barbecue ribs , sweet corn cake, artichokes and collard greens. It was so-ooooooo good! Our son in law; Sean can make a great barbecue. I think my favorite is his baby back ribs or maybe blue cheese burgers or maybe the salmon, no its definitely the ribs now! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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