Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Insulted Companions"

After I went to bed last night I swear I heard the Lion Mouse and Pawme fighting with Blue Dino. They all wanted to be the only companion to Blue Fur Haired Carnival Girl but there was nothing they could do because they couldn't all be on the stand at one time. Besides, Dino said, he matched and they didn't. Lion Mouse said he had fur hair too! Dino said, you don't have anything blue on you and besides, you look more like a hippie! And who wears orange boots anyway? Wait, wait!, listen to me, I have silver sparkle white fur, pink fur hair and really big, big blue eyes and blue fingernails! So why can't I be the companion, says Pawme? Well, Dino says, your eyes are too big and you probably can't even shut them! Well, how do you know I can't, says Pawme?
I finally got out of bed to make all three dolls shut up. I told Lion Mouse he was very much in style and very cute and he didn't need to be a companion to anyone. At almost 7" someone would be proud to have him alone in their home. I told Pawme she was beautiful and it didn't matter if she could shut her eyes or not. She would never miss a thing and with her beautiful pink hair she would never get lost. Being that you are only 6 1/2" tall you could stand by someones jewelry box and keep it safe everyday. I promised all of them that I would try to find good homes for them but in the mean time they are all going to be put in clear plastic bags to keep the evil dust man from suffocating them. The End.

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