Friday, March 18, 2011

Time Passenger

Wow! Its March 18, 2011. My lovely daughter Sharina says I need to be blogging everyday. I know that there should be no excuses but my mother had to be in the hospital for a week I've been running for all her needs. My other side line is goats; one beautiful Nubian milk goat, several cute Pygmies and a whole bunch of beautiful color angoras. Its kidding season and I have 3 moms left to kid. I did finish one doll. Yip-eee ! So see I am doing okay! Just not blogging. So, here is a couple of photos of my new doll; Time Passenger. I want to go with her the next time she goes anywhere! We have had 6 months of severe cold, snow, rain, hail, frost, freezing, and terrible wind!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to the doll. She is 14 1/2" tall with the stand. Her hand made costume is made from duponi silk, leather, vintage lace and actual watch parts. I would wear her necklace! I don't know how anyone gets those old watches apart but with a small hammer and ity bitty tools and a few hours the feat was accomplished. Her striped olive green and black leggings are velour. Her cane is wire wrapped accented with swarovski crystals. Her hat, shoes and body parts are polymer clay. She has a cloth body over a wire armature. Well, its time to go feed all our creatures and just to top my day off the sun just came out but the cold, cold, cold wind is trying to blow us to oregon. I will try to get a couple of goat photos in here to.

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