Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall and Two Dolls

October 1st my birth month and on the 5th I can officially use my medicare card, that just doesn't sound right. Ageing happens and you can't stop it. Fortunately my husband Don and I have some great kids and grand kids to be thankful for and being able to share one anothers company for all these years.

 It certainly is fall here, the deer seem to stay close to our place as hunting season has begun. The four fawns have lost their spots and along with their mothers they have put on their winter coats.Trees, bushes, vines etc are starting to change and a little pole cat came to spray Biskit our dog again,  I assume he or she is looking for a place to spend the winter and hopefully not under our porch.

I will post photos of the two dolls I finished up from last spring. The mad girl with black hair was actually a study in facial expression and I went ahead and finished her. A good name might be Storm or ?  She is 13" including the stand. Her hair is made from mohair from one of my Angora goat does. She is wearing a cotton blouse and skirt with embroidered tiny roses and vines. Covering her blouse is a black ribbon vest and a striped red and white silky fabric makes up her skirt. Small black ribbon adorns her wrists and waist. She is also wearing black leather boots

The second doll is 12 1/2" including her stand.  She is wearing vanilla floral lace and silver sequin fabric with a silver ribbon at her waist. She wears tan leather boots. Her crown is silver diamond beads. AB Swarovski crystals adorn  front and back of her top as well as her boots.

My little red headed doll is awaiting a prop so her photo will be published eventually.( I started 3 other dolls so she has to wait a little longer.

A photo of one of the does and her twins will be posted. It had to be cleaned up little because I was sneaking around trying to get a good photo and this was a quick shot.

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