Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Snow was on the ground this morning and more is coming. I knew I should have went out and put the hoses, shovels etc in the shed but my husband Don said he would take care of it, so that allowed me to take photos of my new witch doll. She is 16" including her base to the tip of her feathers on her hat. She wears recycled clothing from fabric and leather. She is my typical wire armature and cloth body. I really like using natural cotton  batting cut into strips which I form to make the bodies of most of my dolls.  Just in case someone would like to know I love buying the wood placks from Michael's in a variety of sizes. I like painting them to go along with the dolls and they are easy to drill and put the foot pegs in. I found a liquid type epoxy (magic sculpt) to fill in around the pegs which is very sturdy.
The leather apron was made from a piece of an old leather coat and  was found at Good Will. It was in the worst condition and I really love it. Ha! I will have to check Good Will again soon because since winter is here for us, that means all the new donated goodies plus leather coats should be out. Her boots are made from pigs leather which works great because it it thinner making it more pliable to work with.  I decorated the apron with Halloween pumpkins etc with a wood burner. Her leather patches (deer hide) were decorated with a micro felt pen. Her hands, feet and head is made from polymer clay. This is the smallest pie I've ever made! I would be much healthier if this is all I ate when I make the normal size ones. Pumpkin, apple, lemon and but not chicken feet, worms, snails and bird heads. I knew a very old woman once who put the chicken head, heart, liver, gizzard, feet etc in meat pies they were cleaned first. I don't think I would care for the crunch, though. Almost forgot the pumpkins, making these was very much fun! Polymer clay over tin foil balls and painted with acrylics. The largest being 2" and the smallest is 1"

 I have another doll made but when I was photographing her I was not happy with the eyes. I painted them with Genesis heat paint so I think I will do them over with acrylics and take new photos. I'm leaving soon to go see my grand kids for a week so - Yeah! Trick or Treating!!!!!! Happy Halloween!
(Just kidding about the meat chicken head pie-etc.)

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