Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet the New Bunch!

One day later finally some photos of the new dolls:

Little Mo is 8 1/2" tall with faux fur 10". Dressed in recycled tangerine leather coat wearing matching boots. She is a little mixed up Mouse creature. She thinks her hypnotic eyes are her best feature outside of her tail. Polymer clay mix for hands, feet and head.
Small Chip 5 1/2 " tall wearing new red pigskin leather with matching boots. Check out his little spear. Its always fun to find the small trinkets, especially when you get to dig thru your tiny treasures and match it up with a doll or little creature. Polymer clay head, hands and feet. His little hat is a small piece of fuzzy felt cut and sewn to fit his head. Add a little feather and bead and he becomes quite dashing!
Grog the Worm Killer is 9 1/2 " tall to the top of his horns.  Pea Green faux fur used for hair etc. Could not wait to use the fur, bought it a month ago and wanted to wear it myself. My grandkids would like that. Covering his shoulders is a piece of leather I dyed some time ago, wish I could remember how I did it. A watermelon seed is a button, not really its just decoration. I don't ever want to make warts in this excess again, ever! but I probably will. I was going to put a worm mushed on his club but decided it would be overkill. The club was fun to, just little toothpick tips into the clay and painted with liquid polymer to make them stay put. He is so happy to be finished now he can go out clubbing and have dinner with Snog. (Snog is in older posts)
Elvin Queen is 11 1/2 " and on the stand 12 1/2 ". She is wearing chocolate silk with vintage multi colored velour. Silver butterflies adorn her back and front, each with small Swarovski crystals. Her crown and necklace is also Swarovski crystals. She is also wearing vintage slips under her dress. Her boots are black PS leather. Her hair is Tibetan lamb-a nice change to try.
All four dolls have a wire armature with natural cotton batting making the bodies. Covering the small creatures bodies is fleece. Note: if you buy fleece get the less expensive type. After it is sewn you can brush is up a bit which covers most of the sewing. It seems a little more stretchy too. The Elvin Queen has my polymer mix baked hands, boot forms, head and bust. I used acrylic paint and or Genius paints on all creations.
I hope you enjoy looking at my new creations as much as I did making them.
Well lucky me its time to fix dinner and wash dishes. Can hardly wait!  See you next time?

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