Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rain, Wind, Cake and Maybe Spring will come?

Rain and wind for February here in Modoc. We really needed the rain but lots of snow would help more. I've just finished 4 dolls and taken 3 sets of photos but just can't get the light right so they went in trash. Posted will be a photo which was intended to up awhile back. Its always interesting to see what I've ended up with, most times not at all that was in my head to begin with. Well, Grog the worm killer came  pretty close. Enjoyed a visit with my kids and their kids in Redding. Hoping to see my closest granddaughter tomorrow.  We have a puzzle for her which sounds fun; Glow in the dark panda bears. I hope it easier than mine, not sure if I want to even finish it. Winter does not get any easier, I just keep the shades down in my studio and pretend its green out there. (Dum-I know). Tomorrow I'll make myself take a walk and hope the neighbors dog doesn't come after me. The good news is the chickens have started laying a few more eggs.  Made an Angel food cake and a chiffon cake and a blueberry cake and the bad news is just two of us ate it all. Not in one day, about a week and a half. (Ha, ha, it was so good.) I need a really long walk and if the sky is blue I'm going to get a tarp, lay on it and stare up at it, after I walk, that is.  Can't make up my mind about what the next project will be. Pretty birds and elves are very appealing, so some sketches will be first.  Best Wishes and Spring is coming, I hope!

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