Sunday, March 15, 2015

Artwork Posting Continues!

I'm back. Can't post all the pictures as needed. Our internet is so slow that I'm going to try again. Hopefully I can post a mixed media of our Granddaughter Krista, another unfinished color pencil and some more acrylic on gemstones. Thanks!

Krista, our Granddaughter, mixed media 9x12"

Prisma Colored pencil portrait in process, 9x12" Kona Classic toned artist paper.

Canadian Geese 4"x 6" on Rainbow Obsidian, mined above Davis Creek Ca. "older commission" Gemstone quality.
This piece has a backdrop of Eagle Peak with refuge scene.

 Approximately 9x4 1/2" painted on pink onyx. One of my favorite gemstones! "Sold at Art Show'

Prisma C.P. used on Kona Classic Paper. She has mule deer eyes along with mini antlers. 8x10"

Foxy on kona Classic, 8x10 inches, Prisma C.P.

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