Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gypsy's Portrait on Obsidian and Color Pencil Portraits

We have had no winter except for freezing nights and now an early spring. I'm trying very hard to stay away from the new seed catalogs. They have sent another set just to torture me. I think I will be spending enough time just keeping everything wet. If the well doesn't go dry.  For right now the apricot trees are blooming and new green leaves are beginning to get thicker as each day goes by.

My clay is still waiting to be manipulated into dolls but colored pencils will not leave me alone. The days are not long enough. I sit down to do some sketching and look up at the clock and 4 hours have gone by. I will post some artwork using Prisma color pencils. The tan paper is Kona Classic, acid free and recycled it takes the color pencils very well. I have really enjoyed it. My daughter told me about it so I made another order to Dick Blick for different sizes as well as some more color pencils.  A couple of the colored pencil studies will need more work but thought I would post them anyway. I do like the challenge as well as watercolors. I am also hoping that the flat work will help with my sculptures. I will soon find out.

One of the photos enclosed is of my friend Betsy's horse. She and her family have many horses, goats, cattle and now and then a pig or two or three or four. The ranch is huge and beautiful. The photo was from a second batch. The light was not right the first day and I went back a month or so later and took several photos with better light. ( Good light is everything). Her little horse has gypsy bloodlines mixed with  Shetland and whatever else, I don't know but she is pretty and a sweetie. This is just a head shot painted in acrylics on mahogany obsidian and coated 2 times with envirotex.

 Wow! a big fat droopy fly just went by in front of my face. Now I suppose that means early summer! Ha!   Well until next time Best Wishes!

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